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John Keeney, former President, YAC (Yorktown) Baseball

The staff at 21st Century Sports has done an excellent job working with all of the baseball programs in our town – from TeeBall to Little League to Babe Ruth & up through the Varsity program – over the last few years. They take a comprehensive approach to the ‘well-being’ of our baseball feeder programs and have helped us instill a systematic instructional program to pass on to both our youngsters and coaches. More imporantly, they have established personal relationships and connections with each of the different baseball programs in our town. This comprehensive approach enables everyone in our baseball community, from the time they are first able to throw a ball until they leave for college, with the feeling that not only have they been provided with the very best possible instruction, but have worked and interacted with our children and parents – as people who sincerely care about the game of baseball as well as each individual’s skill development.