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Mission/ Philosophy



Our overarching mission is simple:  To grow engagement with the great game of baseball among a variety of populations – from the supremely talented, competitive future pro or college player, to the ‘little baller’ who was just handed a glove for the first time.  Either way, we are a group that fully understands the science of teaching our nation’s pastime to its’ next generation.  This is our calling. This is what we do.


We seek to achieve increases in player performance (for the highly skilled) and engagement (for those simply trying have a positive baseball experience) by REDESIGNING the way your child interacts with the game.  In other words, we often teach the game of baseball quite differently than other baseball groups!


Why focus on changing the way our great game is taught?  Because less children are playing baseball than ever before.  These declining numbers speak volumes about how kids at-large currently feel about baseball.  We’d like to do our part and change their perception, which is based on previous experiences and interactions with the game.


Not yet convinced we’re the ones to take on this great challenge?   Take a moment to see just a few of the testimonials on our website – from local parents to, literally, some of the best coaches in the world!


To learn more about our tangible outcomes (i.e. guess how many pro players our coaches have trained?!), CLICK HERE.


To get an inside peek at some of our different training techniques, CLICK HERE.


To learn more about the variety of programs we offer, please see the horizontal menu above for a complete list of programs ranging from summer camps, to winter training to year-round private instruction.


As always, we most look forward to seeing you at the field!