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Scott Carpenter, NYCONN Renegades Showcase Baseball Club

“In having run successful baseball clubs in the past, it was always a challenge filling voids with trainers that not only know the game of baseball,
but can successfully get their knowledge through to the athlete.  21st Century Sports fills that void.  
“Not only is the staff extremely knowledgeable and great at getting their messages through to players, they were respected by the players and brought us together as a team.  They listened to the players and treated them like professionals.  This gave the players a feeling of pride which enabled them to practice harder and perform better.
“Administratively, Coach Bill was always in direct communication with the teams coaches and myself, constantly listening to what the coaches envisioned and coming up with practice plans to accomplish our mission. Coach Bill also spoke with parents after practices, answering any question they had.
“21st Century Sports will continue to be a part of the NYCONN Renegades baseball program in practices, games and helping our players in the college recruitment process.”